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I have gained a lot of life experience through photography. Since my youth, I have been fascinated by the art of seeing and the creative flow that I immerse myself in when I take photographs.

I discovered my passion for street photography in the summer of 2022 and since then I have been pursuing it with great enthusiasm as a hobby. I am always looking for new opportunities to develop myself photographically and am looking forward to seeing what paths will still be open to me in the world of photography.

My current heart project, the website 'Cosmic Healing Soul Network', can be found here.



My passion for web design began in 2006 when I created my first website.

Since then, I have built websites, online platforms and web shops using various CMS tools. I currently use Jimdo and Wix. Jimdo is impressive due to its user-friendliness and allows you to place content quickly and easily. Wix offers many advantages in terms of design and allows you to customize every element of the website. The app market also offers numerous extensions that can expand and improve the functionality of the website.

Sample web design


I began my photographic adventure at the age of 18 as a hobby with an analogue SLR camera. The switch to digital photography followed in 2002.

In 2005 I created my photo series "Nature Spirits", which I exhibited and sold at arts and crafts exhibitions from 2005 to 2008. The "Nature Spirits" are photographs from nature that I mirrored in Photoshop, creating a whole face from half a face. Nature Spirits.pdf

Between 2009 and 2019 I worked as an event photographer for various event technology companies. In 2013 I started building web shops and expanded my skills in product photography.


Follow your intuition...

...even though the camera was not set up correctly for this situation, there is always only what you can do in the now - press the shutter button.

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